DirectTV has launched a program for streaming programming in the U.S. called Programming DirectV Remote.

It’s available for $59.99 on the DirectTV website.

That’s $10 more than the program itself for $39.99.

Programming DirectVerrr will offer up to 16 programming streams for $19.99, but there are no plans to offer a streaming TV package with the new program.

The DirectTV program was launched with a focus on cord-cutters and those who don’t want to spend money on cable.

But it also has more content for those looking to watch sports or movies on the go.

It includes the top sports channels, including ESPN, TNT, Fox Sports and NBA Network, and also sports highlights, documentaries and original documentaries.

There’s also a “premium” section, with “premier sports,” “premiere sports” and “premieres” programming for less than $30 per month.

The program has been a huge success with its early adopters.

It has already added more than 5 million new subscribers, with nearly 3 million of those being new subscribers in just the first month.

Programs like Programming DirectTV Remote are great for those who want to stream their favorite TV shows to a TV set, but they can be a bit difficult for the average cord cutter.

They’re also a little pricey for some.

You’ll have to spend more for a full streaming package with programming from a cable company.