The Irish Job Agency has posted an online application to assist unemployed people seeking to find a new job.

The agency said the online application would allow people who have had their current job terminated or have given up looking for one to get a job.

“We are asking applicants to use this online application and to submit an official document in order to apply for a job,” said an agency spokesperson.

The application process can take up to three weeks and the job is not necessarily available for immediate posting.

The Irish Job agency said there are currently around 4,000 unemployed people in the country and a further 500 are unemployed because of sickness or family obligations.

The job search portal said people who are seeking employment should check the job vacancy page on the Irish Job website, which is updated daily.

“If you are not sure whether a job is available, you can also search for vacancies using the search engine available in your mobile phone or on your desktop computer,” the agency said.

Online job searchA person can use the website to search for a new or existing job, or apply for employment at an existing job centre or by visiting the agency’s website.

“In this case you can check whether you have been contacted for an interview or if you have already been contacted,” the job portal said.

The Job Agency said it is also providing free online training courses on how to find jobs.