With more than a billion online users and more than 15 million master’s degree programs available across the country, the number of online masters programs is steadily growing.

However, the demand for online master degrees is still quite limited, according to a new study.

The National Association of Master’s Degree Programs (NAMPDP) polled more than 8,000 online masters degree programs to determine the top 5 online master programs, with online programs earning an average of just 4.7 percent of all online master degree degrees earned in 2015.

The study, published in The College Board’s annual report on online master education, ranked the top online master schools based on their online student performance, retention rate, online program offerings, student retention and graduation rates.

For comparison, the average online bachelor’s degree program in the United States is 2.7 to 3.1 percent of its online degree programs.

The rankings also included the top 10 online master program that were awarded the highest marks in the overall online master curriculum.

The top five online master classes include the following: University of Texas, Austin, Texas Master of Science in Computer Science, Texas Tech University, Austin Master of Arts in Business, and University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Master of Applied Arts, Business, Engineering, and Economics.

The online master courses in the top five were: University Of Pennsylvania, Penn.

Master of Business Administration, Pennsylvania State University, Philadelphia Master of Philosophy in Management, and Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana Master of Music, Music, and Dance.

The research also ranked the five best online master students by the percentage of students who completed their degree program.

The best online Master’s degree students in the study were: Stanford University, California, California Master of Health Science, Stanford University Master of Engineering, California California Master in Computer Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan Master of Technology, University Of Michigan, Detroit, Michigan