Microsoft has announced it will soon be offering a new Microsoft Ink program called the HP Ink program.

The Ink program is a Microsoft product that offers customers an easy-to-use and affordable ink-reading app that is designed to connect to PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Users of the program will be able to download and install the Ink app for their smartphones, tablets or PCs, and can then easily access the Ink program from anywhere on their network, according to Microsoft.

The new program will launch this week for $69.99, and is currently only available in the US.

The HP Ink programs also offer the option to use a cloud-based Ink service called

Users can use the Ink apps on PCs and other devices, including Macs, and it can also be used on Microsoft Surface tablets, Windows Phones, Apple TVs, and more.

Microsoft is already offering a free version of the Ink programs that comes with a free trial and can be used for one year.