(Reuters) – Hewlett Packard Co is expected to start selling its new driver-assist system for its self-driving vehicles in the United States in the coming weeks, a company spokesman said on Thursday, as it looks to expand its driverless vehicle sales program into other parts of the world.

In the United Kingdom, where HP and Volvo have set up operations, the carmaker plans to roll out its driver-Assist app on Apple and Android devices over the coming months.

In China, where Honda is testing its autonomous technology, the company said it would begin offering its self as a driver in 2019.

In India, where Google Inc is building its self driverless cars, the government said in November it would expand its autonomous car program to include self-drive, a move aimed at easing traffic jams in major cities.HP’s self-driven car program, which includes self-parking and autonomous driving, has faced resistance from regulators and lawmakers who say the technology can lead to dangerous accidents.

The program has seen a number of setbacks, including a court ruling in September that left a California-based automaker with a legal obligation to install a driver’s seat in its vehicles in case of an accident, even though it is not required by law.

The California ruling was the first to strike down the law.