Reddit programming is likely to be axed in 2018, the company announced Monday.

Reddit announced the program on Monday to kick off its annual developer conference, Code.

Reddit will continue to offer free development and community content for users to read and comment on, but the company said it would no longer allow paid subscriptions.

It added that the program will end in February 2019, with no timeline.

The program, which allows users to create content, participate in community-building activities and even get paid to write about their passions, will continue on “as long as the community remains open.”

The announcement comes just a day after Reddit was hit with a massive data breach that saw thousands of accounts linked to the site’s top management.

The company said in a blog post last month that its team had found “many” of the breach’s victims had breached the code on Reddit’s servers.

Reddit has not yet confirmed the extent of the damage, but said that “many of the accounts” were “not our own employees, but employees of other large, well-known organizations.”

The company also said that it is investigating the breach.