By now you may have heard that there is a shortage of nursing programs and that students have to pay tuition.

The NUS has also launched a website for aspiring nursing graduates to learn how to apply for jobs. 

The NUS website says the NUS Graduate Program has “no student fees, no classes, no loans, and no application processing fees”.

There are also no fees to apply, there are no courses to take, and students only need to pay for tuition. 

What’s a Nursing Student Doing With a Nursing Degree?

The NUW’s Nursing Student Program, a partnership between the National Union of Students and the National Association of Nursing Colleges, aims to provide a pathway for aspiring nurses to earn a degree.

The website says: “Nurses are the best at the job and it is vital that we have the skills and the experience to meet the demands of our changing workforce.” 

In 2014, NUH President Mary Ann Moseley-Braun said that the nursing program was “critical” to attracting and retaining students to NU’s campuses.

The Nursing Graduate Program offers a variety of programs for aspiring nurse students to apply to, including: