The best homeschool program is for the kids who want to learn and grow.

The programme is a paid, government-run programme that offers students a financial reward if they enroll in it.

The government offers up to Rs 1 lakh in incentives for enrolment, and a similar reward for non-coverage.

In a few states, students can get a scholarship as well.

For example, in Uttar Pradesh, the student subsidy is Rs 1.2 lakh per year.

Students in Karnataka can get up to 25,000 rupees a month.

In Maharashtra, the government offers a free-standing scholarship for all children of any age from five to 10 years of age.

The government will subsidise the tuition fees of Rs 1,000 per student.

In the case of the state of Andhra Pradesh, children can also get an academic scholarship for Rs 2,000 a month for the next three years, depending on their school and the number of enrolments.

The scheme is aimed at the students who want a higher education but who do not have the means to support themselves.

“We are happy that we are able to provide the students scholarships and this scheme can help them,” said Ashok Kumar, the education minister in Karnavati.

“There is a shortage of enrolment and so we can provide the scholarships for students who are not able to afford education.”

In Bihar, the state government is also providing scholarships for the children who are poor.

“Students who are struggling to get a job, to support their family, they are not eligible for scholarships,” said the state education minister.

“If a student gets a scholarship, they can also contribute towards their school fees.”

The scheme offers the government Rs 1 crore for each child, with the state getting 25,00 rupees per student per year, and the government getting 50,00 per student for each student in the state.

The program is being launched in 11 states across the country.