This is a quick summary of the steps in the partial-hospitalization plan that the NFL is implementing for the upcoming season.

First, the league will provide all players with the same level of medical attention as they would receive at home.

Second, the team will have an independent medical director on staff to provide oversight to the medical staff, and the independent medical directors will have the ability to delegate to the team.

Third, the teams will have a health insurance plan to cover any expenses incurred by the player or his family during the emergency.

Fourth, the health care plan will cover players’ personal expenses.

Fifth, the NFL will provide the team with a pool of $100,000 in guaranteed money to cover medical bills.

Sixth, players will be reimbursed for their share of the insurance premiums they pay when they are hospitalized.

Seventh, the player’s medical bills will be covered by the league’s general fund and the players’ insurance plan.

Eightth, any medical expenses incurred will be handled by the team, which will have full control over the player and will have responsibility for his medical bills as well.

The NFL has also created a team-wide medical team to coordinate the medical care for all of the teams players.

Lastly, players are being encouraged to seek medical care at home instead of being confined to a hospital.

As you may recall, the plan was implemented last year when many players suffered from back and knee injuries and were placed on a partial-heating plan.

The league was able to implement it after the first wave of injuries.

Now, the players are finally being given the full treatment of their injuries and will receive full access to their doctors.

According to the plan, players must not be in a car accident or get in a physical fight.

The plan also states that players can not work or be on the road more than 24 hours per week for the duration of the injury.