Online rnc program launched in Australia with the aim of helping refugees from the Middle East and North Africa find jobs in Australia.

The project, which has so far enrolled over 30,000 people, is backed by the Australian Council for Refugees (ACR).

The organisation says the online rnc platform will allow Australians to apply for jobs, apply for grants and apply for scholarships.

It also has a mobile app for those with mobility problems.

In the coming months, the organisation is also launching a rnc programme in the UK, with more than 20,000 refugees and asylum seekers already enrolled.

“We are very excited to partner with the ACR to expand our program to other countries around the world,” said Alan Kelleher, CEO of the ACr.

“We have had tremendous support from the ACRs international community, and the project is now on track to launch in 2018.”

Australian refugee David is among those to be enrolled in the program.

He has a disability and his wife is pregnant with their second child.

He says he has been unemployed for more than a year.

“The main thing for me is I need to work and be able to pay my rent, and I’m not able to work in a job,” he said.

David, who came to Australia in 2016, says he is happy to be able work but wants the Australian government to recognise his right to work.

The online rnr program will be able be accessed through a variety of apps and platforms.

It is currently a pilot program for Australia.

Australian Refugee David said he is glad the ACs project has been successful.

“I’m very happy to help people from my country get a foot in the door and get a job, which is really what the ACRC’s mission is,” he told the ABC.

While he believes the ACRS program will help thousands of people, David worries that others will be overlooked.

“This program is only being used for a small number of people,” he says.

With so many people interested in joining the program, he says the ACrs will have to keep the focus on them.

“For those people, this is not about getting a job or finding work, this program is about helping them to get into a program, they can get a scholarship or they can help them find work in their country of origin,” he explained.

ACR CEO Alan Kellher says the project has already helped more than 30,500 people, with an average of two applications every week.

Australia has had a very high number of asylum applications in recent years.

But Mr Kelleh told the program that the majority of those applications were rejected.

He said Australia needed to be welcoming and compassionate.

ABC Rural program manager Kate Renton says the program has attracted many international refugees to Australia.

“We see people coming here from places like Turkey and from Syria who are fleeing violence, but also from countries where they are refugees who are trying to make their way in life, and they have this need for hope and opportunity and that’s what we’re going to help them achieve,” she said.

“There are lots of opportunities out there and we want to support those who are able to do that.” ABC News